Diapers and the environment

Disposable diapers make our life much easier. Cleaning after your baby is nothing like it was 100 years ago. Nowadays it is much easier to change diapers and clean after your baby. Unfortunately, often we don’t think how our habits influence the environment. Disposable diapers are like plastic. Diapers stay in the environment for 500 years, but unlike plastic they are not recyclable. If you use 5 diapers per day (an average according to UK Environmental Agency report) it makes 1825 diapers per year per child. Now think how many how many babies there are…. It is a lot of diapers. Does this problem need to be solved?

I believe that our children deserve a clean environment. By making conscious consumer decisions everyone can help. I sincerely recommend not to start too late with potty training. The best and easiest age for potty training is actually between 20 to 30 months. When you start at this time (or even before that with elimination communication) you can save lot of diapers. This means you help to keep our planet cleaner for your children and grandchildren. Our children deserve a cleaner planet.

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