Constipation is often a big problem in potty training. Constipation can make pooping painful for your toddler. This may even create a fear of pooping for your child. What can you do in this case?  How can you help your child?

The first thing that helps is water. Nowadays children (and also adults) often just don’t drink enough. More than half of a human’s body is water – infants body consists 70% of water, adults 60% and seniors 50-55%. Water is just essential for our life and it is very important to drink enough.

My daughter had this problem – she didn’t like to drink very much and pooping was very hard for her. I could see that from her face. Pooping was also painful for her. Water helps to make excrement softer.  Softer feces make pooping easier for child. Water is the best. Soft drinks and juices do not help against thirst so well. I don’t recommend to use them. Be sure that your child drinks enough WATER.

If your child doesn’t like to drink water it’s your job to make it interesting for him/her. One idea is to use a special bottle what makes drinking more interesting for the child. My daughter likes to drink with  a straw. 😊 Be just creative and make drinking fun. Water really helps against constipation.  

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