Summer is perfect for potty training

This week we had Mid-Summer day. It has been a beautiful time with family and close friends (big events are not allowed due to COVID-19). Anyway, actually I wanted to write about summer and potty training. In my opinion summer is the best time for potty training. It is warm. There are not many clothes and it’s easy to change if your toddler wets his/her pants. Also it is easy to carry an extra pair of clothes with you. In summer you can even leave your child without pants during active training 😄

Of course in some areas there is no big difference in summer or winter whether. If it is always warm the season doesn’t matter for potty training. But in areas with cold winter it is easier to do potty training in the summer. In wintertime you have to have a lot of clothes and you don’t want to have an accident with your toddler outside. Therefore, when you have a toddler who should be potty trained then it is perfect to start when it is warm.

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