Our Story

Why potty training?

I cant’t believe  that I’m dealing with potty training while my own children are already trained. Sometimes life has unexpected plans for us. I wish to share You my story how I ended up with teaching a potty training course.

It all started in spring 2019. A children competition for inventions took place in Estonia. My eldest child, who had just turned 5, invented an self-emptying potty for the competition.  My husband found the idea so good that he deiced to build it. Something like this had never been done before. By now we have been granted a utility model for it (patent pending). 

But lets go back to spring 2019. When the prototype was ready I went out to show the invention to other parents. I wanted to know what they think of it. During these  conversations I found out that, although the invention is nice, it did not solve the whole problem for parents. It remove only the pee and not the feces.   Also during these many interviews and conversations I realized that  parents actually need help with potty training. The question how to get rid of diapers simply and efficiently needed a solution.  From there an idea was born to gather different sources how to do potty training  into one place.  I’m glad that finally this work is ready and we can share it with You. 

Annika Joy Meitern


Make potty training fast, fun and efficient!
Help parents to save time, money and the environment.


A 2-year-old's use the toilet. Through that we will reduce diaper waste. We believe that our children deserve a clean planet
Diaper waste is produced primarily in western countries, where average potty training age in 3 years on even more. Diapers are like plastic, that decomposes over 450 years but unlike plastic diapers are not recyclable. In US 50 million diapers end up in landfills each day.


We care about planet Earth and do anything we could, that our children, the next generations would have a clean planet to live on.


Who we are?

Parents with expanded personal experience with toilet training.

Annika Joy Meitern


Mother of two, potty training specialist, In addition a doctoral student and an expert in healing herbs.

Maarja Prentsel-Unt


Soon a mother of three. Kindergarten teacher, degree in special education. An expert of child psychology and training.

Richard Meitern


Father of two, scientist, inventor.

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