Choosing a potty

There are many different solutions available on the market. Which one to choose? I recommend to buy a simple toddler potty chair. They are designed for small children and perfect for the size of toddlers. Physiotherapists say that the best pose for pooping is when the legs are close to chest (think how you do it 😊). A little potty chair enables your child to take this pose naturally.   My favorite potty chairs are the ones with removable inner part because they are so easy and comfortable to use.

Other option is to use toddler toilet training seat which you can put on the normal toilet. In this case toddler needs a special step stool to climb up on the toilet and the parent has to keep an eye out for accidental loss of balance. It might happen that the child falls down from the big toilet. The other downside is that the body position with legs hanging down does not support pooping.

There are also many different travel potty chairs. Some of them you can even put in your purse. During active training period it is good to have a potty chair always with you. Trust me, you will need it 😊 It’s possible to carry around (in car or under the stroller) a normal potty chair or you can buy a special travel potty chair. It is your choice.

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