Commitment in everything

Being committed and consistent. These are the most important things in potty training. It takes time. Often parents ask from me for the best and fastest way. Unfortunately, there is no good answer that fits everybody. There isn’t any magic trick or method that works for all. We have to remember that all children are different, unique. You can’t find two persons that are identical.

Let’s go back to two most important things in potty training – commitment and consistency. It seems to me that nowadays it is harder for parents to be really committed and consistent. Especially, when compared to parents who raised their children   50 years ago. I believe that it is related to technological developments. Now we have smartphones and internet everywhere. The brain science has shown that our brains love new information. This is the reason why our brain loves social media so much. It is so easy to get new information from there with just one small thumb movement. Is it good and useful information is another question? 😊  Scientist have shown that nowadays it harder for people to concentrate and to be really committed and consistent. We are living in fast and stressful world which is overloaded with information. There is too much information everywhere and it makes harder to concentrate. People have often also feeling that they miss out on something (oftentimes they can’t even pinpoint what it is they are missing out on 😊) Every moment there are just happening everywhere so many different things. Therefore, it is harder for people to be really committed and consistent.

I recommend you to look the potty training as a process where you can train consciously your skills in commitment and consistency. It is not possible to teach the child how to use the toilet with a moment. It takes time and patience. All big and great things in life need time and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 😊 Potty training gives you amazing opportunity to train commitment and consistency. These skills will give you an advantage in every field of life. 😊

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